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Personal Studios

Due to high demand, we are working on setting up the Derby MakerSpace within a large enough facility to house several personal studios that can be used by members as private work space. These private studios will compliment the shared work space of the MakerSpace.

These personal studios will range in size allowing members to work in a space that is just right for them and can cater for all creatives from artists looking for craft space to product design engineers looking to develop and manufacture goods.

Sizes we plan on offering are;

  • 10×10 sqft
  • 10×20 sqft

If we are able to secure a large enough facility, we also intend on offering a few larger sizes for those who require more space or share their work space.

These studios will have a standard 240v supply drop with two double 13Amp sockets and include complimentary electricity usage. Members will have the ability to upgrade to more sockets and larger supplies if needed. The larger studios will be fitted with more sockets as standard.

Studios may also be upgraded with Three Phase power, compressed air supply, water and air extraction if made available.

Studios come with MakerSpace membership as standard and studio owners can control who is allowed in their private studios through the RFID system.


Pricing is not yet confirmed, but small studios are expected to start at £75-100 and will include a full MakerSpace membership as well as guest access.

These studios will only be possible through crowdfunding and grant funding that will allow us to set them up and maintain them for the members and all information here is subject to change at any time.

If you would like a personal studio at the MakerSpace, please contact us using the contact form so we can get an idea of what you need. You can also message us on our FaceBook page.

Personal Studio Workshop
Carpenter workshop by Jorge Royan
Art Studio
Workspace by Kevin McShane
Studio by Amanda Hawkins